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DownstreamToday Media Guide 2010
Ad Placement

DownstreamToday Homepage Banner

The DownstreamToday home page is one of the most visited, most visible web pages in the downstream oil and gas industry. By sponsoring this page you command DownstreamToday's premier advertising position and can be sure your marketing material will be seen by the largest, most influential cross section of the downstream petroleum sector.

  • Premier visibility on the DownstreamToday Homepage
  • Surrounded by the elite names in the O&G industry
  • Rotating presence of company logo
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  • The DownstreamToday Homepage Banner can only be purchased as part of the DownstreamToday Sponsorship.
  • Each homepage unit includes a logo that continually rotates on the DownstreamToday homepage for the life of the campaign.
Ad Placement DownstreamToday Homepage Ad Placement
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