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DownstreamToday Media Guide 2010
Ad Placement

Square Poster

Your message is important so give yourself the canvas you need to fully express yourself! Our super-sized 250x250 Square Poster ad provides over twice the screen real estate of traditional 468x60 banners, and to sweeten the deal even further, the position of the Square Poster right beside some of DownstreamToday's most valuable and sought after content ensures that your message is seen and understood. Your ad will rotate through all of the articles in the DownstreamToday news section.

  • Extra large canvas of the Square Poster lends itself well to animated messages and product displays
  • Unit is positioned to the right of every news article on DownstreamToday
  • $2,000
    per month
  • Purchase Now

Ad Placement
Dimensions 250x250 (width by height)
Maximum File Size 30KB Flash, 30K Other
Accepted Formats Flash SWF, JPG, GIF
Linking URL Active link required, no longer
than 128 characters
See additional ad file guidelines.