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DownstreamToday Media Guide 2010

Site and Membership Statistics

Average Page View Per Month
Qualify the effectiveness of your advertising with DownstreamToday’s concrete statistics. As the only dedicated online outlet to the downstream industry, DownstreamToday provides the closest contact with a downstream-specific audience available on the web.

  • 38,408 Unique Visitors per Month
  • 245,152 Pageview per Month
  • New Visits Per Month: 41%

Page View by Section

Average Page View Per Month
DownstreamToday connects you to the downstream industry. Advertise with DownstreamToday and gain access to over 16,000 downstream professionals.

  • DownstreamToday has 17,913 Daily News Subscribers
  • 12,020 Subscribers Receive the Weekly Jobs Newsletter

Average Page View Per Month
  • Sources include Google Analytics, Urchin and internal measurements of membership levels. Statistics gathered September 2011.