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Subsea IQ Media Guide 2010

Ad Guidelines and Specifications

SubseaIQ accepts GIF, JPG and Flash formats for its website and e-newsletter ads, depending on the ad product. Check the product pages in this media kit, or contact a SubseaIQ advertising professional to determine what formats are acceptable with the ad product or products in which you are interested.

  • Submit your ads five business days prior to the scheduled start of your campaign.
  • Include an active URL to which your ad will be linked. Please do not embed URLs directly into the Flash movie.
  • Optimize all GIFs and JPGs to smallest possible file size, while avoiding image degradation
  • Design Flash ads for compatibility with Flash Player 7 and below.
  • All Flash ads require a default static image in the event the visitor’s browser blocks the Flash Player.
  • Advertisements included on the SubseaIQ's website must meet certain guidelines and quality standards. Before submitting your ad, be sure to review the file requirements for the type of file you will be using. Ad files that exceed the maximum file size may be returned for rework, reworked by a SubseaIQ designer or denied inclusion.
  • Combine all loose files in one ZIP file
  • Name your ZIP file using the naming convention: “”, or “”
  • Contact us via this site, or directly at for FTP location, password and instructions
    File Size Limits
Name Dimensions Flash GIF, JPG
Homepage Banner 300x250 80K 25K
Top Banner Ad 935x65 25K 25K
Square Poster 250x250 30K 30K
    File Size Limits
Name Dimensions GIF, JPG
Inline Banner 350x80 14K
Tower Ad 180x300 14K