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Subsea IQ Media Guide 2010

Ad Reporting System

Not only does SubseaIQ offer one of the best advertising values to the global upstream industry, we also provide you with an interactive reporting tool to measure your ROI. This reporting application allows you to view the impression and clickthru results of your advertising efforts -- all in real time. The Ad Reporting System also provides a detailed account of your ad schedule, including what has already run, what is currently in rotation, and what is scheduled for the future.

Using SubseaIQ’s Ad Reporting System, you can understand your return on investment with a greater degree of accuracy than virtually any other advertising medium or program. To put it simply, you’ll know just how many leads you generated from advertising with SubseaIQ and how much each lead cost.

  • Contact your SubseaIQ Advertising Representative to learn more about getting access to the Ad Reporting System.
Ad Report System Sample
Ad Report System Screen Shot